Chapter 1


(Remember this is all a fiction if somehow you relate to this you have a bad life mate)

(P.S. Shin is bad in english, How bad you say, Really Bad )

(P.S.S. Prepare for a cringe-fest)

Hello I’m the narrator of this story and before we even start remind Shin how bad he is in writing a story and tell him that all of his jokes in the story is bad.

If you laugh I think I just have a bad humor or you have a bad humor.

Anyways I’m done with my rant and enjoy.


In a city bank  a crime was going on and we all know who you gonna call?

G***T B****RS~

No not that, I’m talking about the hero in this story

“This is a robbery!” Robber 1 shouted

“Put your hands in the air!” Robber 2 shouted

“Like you just don’t care” Robber 3 whispered to Robber 2

Robber 2 threw a karate chop to Robber 3

“Aw! What’s that for?” Robber 3 said

“What do you mean ‘What’s that for’?” Robber 2 argued back

In a house somewhere outside the city

“Haaaaaaa~” a guy yawned

“A good day to talk with my~” just as he was about to finish his sentence he saw the television “Or not”

The guy sighed “Well, time to go, See ya!”

The guy started wearing a tracksuit and a mask as he was running towards a city

Back to the bank

‘Eeeeeeeee’ Sirens can be heard outside the bank

“We’re the police! We’ve got you surrounded” Police 1 said through his megaphone

He continued “Put your hands in the air”

“Like you just don’t care?” Robber 3 asked

Robber 2 threw a karate chop to Robber 3

“Di-” but before Robber 2 can even say a word the guy with a mask arrived in front of the bank

“Herc*les!” Robber 2 shouted at the man

“Hey! Hey! What’s with the asterisk?” Herc*les shouted back “You don’t need that! We might cause a misunderstanding because of you! Remember its Hercales, Hercales”

“Yeah, Whatever” Robber 2 said to Hercales

Hercales started running towards the bank

He stopped

“Hold it right there! We have a hostage” Robber 2 picked up a little boy and pointed the gun at the boy’s head

“No! My son” A middle-aged lady cried

“Shut up!” Robber 2 shouted “What are you gonna do now Hercales?”

But Hercales just ignored him and bent down

“Ooh! A penny” Hercales said in a small voice

“Wha-What’s that?” Robber 2 shouted at Hercales

“Wanna see it? Here catch” Hercales tossed the coin towards the gun that was pointing in the boy’s head with an amazing speed

‘BAM!’ the gun in the robber’s hand flew away  (See how bad I am in english)

“Wha!” Robber 2 was shocked, but before he can even react Hercales already threw a punch towards him

‘ooooh! ooooh! oooh!’ Robber 1 just came out of the bathroom when all of that happened

Hercales then threw a punch towards Robber 1 and to Robber 3 who was sitting in the corner looking dejected

“HERCALES! HERCALES! HERCALES! HERC*LES!” the crowd outside the bank is shouting Hercales name

“Than-” the middle aged woman turned around but Hercales was nowhere to be found.

(ToC) -> Next Chappy!

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